Tuesday, 9 October 2007


We have a new gate!

Here you see it in progress...

and magically finished!

Thankyou Gord. He makes these things look so easy. Although I have to say that if you ever put a new gate on a house you should first check where the electricity metre is so you don't lock the meter man out with your new gate! We unfortunately didn't think of this and now maybe we have to get the electricity metre moved. Blah.

Also I came home from work the other day and he had installed downlights in out bedroom, loungeroom and dining room! 8 of them! On dimmers too. THEN he removed the ceiling roses, and re-plastered the ceiling... What can I say? I am very, very lucky. The downlights make such a difference! It's quite amazing... I was kind of in two minds about removing the old lighting because it's a period house and I worry about making it too modern, but it's such a narrow space and these lights just make the room feel so big and airy!

It's less exciting but I also finally finished painting the window frames, and we removed pretty much all of the masking tape. They look so much better!

So we're gradually getting through the little jobs... which means over summer it'll be on to the scary stuff! - Roof, Bathroom and kitchen... $$$ scary.

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