Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Unrelated to home improvements but I must link to a webpage I just discovered and am already obsessed with... It's the 'behind the curtain' section of Kate Spade's website. The layout and eclectic design is so gorgeous. Also love all the varied content - like the 'desktop profile' section.. love love.

I want a design business of my own just so I can have a webpage like this! seriously.

Actually I have made quite a few exciting webpage discoveries recently so will update my links section shortly :)

ps) hi Jess! I think you may be my only reader, and yours is the first and only comment to have been left here :) so thankyou and lots of love! x

Sunday, 16 September 2007

oh hello in the vegie patch... doesn't look like much I know but allegedly (according to my mum) all these little green sprouts will turn into capsicums and tomatoes and zucchinis and beans! Amazing huh?

The garden (including toilet and shed!) Please excuse Gord's new BBQ which will not live permanently in that spot.

We made a long list of what needs doing today. A looong list. It's daunting but it felt good to prioritise things and decide what will happen first. It makes me motivated to get started.

The big stuff (bathroom, kitchen etc) is going to wait at least until late November when we'll be back from holiday. But hopefully we can knock off some more manageable projects in the next few weeks... like putting downlights in, and making a gate for the side of the house... and maybe Gord will have time to start the bookshelves! So exciting!

Some inspiration - I love these Zanotta shelves but they're a little crazy for our place... we're going all white... with a similar but slightly more simple configuration...

something like this?

working drawings...

Monday, 10 September 2007


have had a bit of a blogging hiatus...

House stuff has been squished into weekends between a million other things... it's slow going and the list always seems so long. But there have been 2 minor achievements -

1) Garden clean up and VEGIE patch! I don't know what came over me :) Photos to come.
2) we removed the ceiling in the lean-to kitchen :

See? Doesn't look like an improvement I know... but... this is step 1 in the exciting mission of raising and levelling out the kitchen/bathroom ceiling! Sounds crazy but Gord seems to think he/we can do it...

It was so messy. so so messy. Gord was a hero as usual.