Sunday, 22 July 2007

I am a bad blogger. I blame Optus. We still have no internet at home. :( Need to get onto that. Anyway, here are 2 quite boring pics, 1 is a blurry Gordon in our back garden. It needs a lot of love, but it's a cute garden, and I like the view of all the tiny rooftops. Also here is a shot of the houses across the road from us - our whole street is tiny single fronted victorian cottages pretty much... no tall buildings at all. Very cute.

Still lots more to do. Did nothing at all this weekend, it was Gord's big birthday party and the weekend quickly disappeared. Still need to paint those windowframes... maybe next weekend. I went to an old friend's place for dinner tonight. Haven't seen her for a long time, it was a bit of a re-union from my Spotlight days... 6 girls who I used to share every weekend with working in retail. Anyway, Siobhan has just bought a flat and did a total renovation before moving in, so it's very polished - new kitchen, new bathroom etc. Inspired me to get cracking on the bathroom... seems daunting but it's gotta be done! I am still dreaming about the possibility of raising the ceiling height somehow... it is so low in the bathroom... Just starting to worry about the money a bit.. need to plan a bit of a budget.

Am starting to get nervous about the lack of income after my current contract ends... scary stuff now that I have a mortgage to worry about. The more I think about it, the more I would like to try and start something up of my own... some kind of design/manufacturing thing that might help me tick over inbetween the film work. Gotta stop talking about it and just DO it. Seriously.

Monday, 9 July 2007

Finally moved my shelves from home and my books... starting to feel more like a home :) Some time soon we'll build shelves along that whole wall, right up to the ceiling and over the door. But for now this looks surprsingly ok!

Also check out the newly painted window frame (on the right) - white looks so much brighter and nicer than the dorky beige window frame (on the left, yet to be painted). Painting window frames takes longer than I realised.

Sunday, 1 July 2007

no internet + no time = no updates. very bad. It's been so busy moving everything and squishing all Gord's stuff in.

But finally here's a pic of the beautiful floorboards....